Design Concept

The design concept is an important catalyst for aesthetic design decisions in a project. The Sanctuary of Hope’s design will be inspired by the nature of change and surreal aesthetic created by a Kaleidoscope. This will parallel with the positive change and new life being experienced by the residents that have the opportunity to live here; however, this concept will have to be applied in a specific way due to the elderly residents. A kaleidoscope can form busy patterns which would lead to disorientation if taken literally; therefore, the concept will be subtly applied in addition to being used on a macro level in order to accomodate all of its users.

1. Design Concept 2. Design Concept 3. Design Concept 4. Design Concept 5. Design Concept 6. Design Concept 7. Design Concept 8. Design Concept 9. Design Concept 10. Design Concept 11. Design Concept

Kaleidoscope Video


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