This is a conceptual interior design project that is addressing a prevalent, yet unseen economical issue in the city of Hong Kong. This is the presence of citizens living in crumbling apartment blocks that rent a space the size of a twin bed  and pay more per square meter than the city’s most luxurious apartments. These people are known as “cage dwellers” and there still are currently about 100,000 of them living in these conditions in the city today. In addition, many of these people are elderly and living on welfare, which after paying rent leaves them with little left over to buy food and other necessities Although the government  is making efforts to help alleviate this problem through building public housing, their waiting lists can be as long as seven years. The mission of this project is to create a transitional housing/assisted living facility in Hong Kong, China for “cage dwelling” citizens living in inadequate, inhumane conditions. This process will include the repurposing of an old building in the metropolitan area into multi-use public housing that is safe, code worthy, and habitable.