PortfolioPicI am currently a senior interior design major at the Savannah College and Art and Design in Atlanta, Ga. This project is my final ‘capstone’ that will take place over two academic quarters (a period of twenty weeks). Capstone is also split up into two classes, Studio V and Studio VI, in which I am taking with ten other students. The purpose of this project is to apply the culmination of everything we have learned and apply it in a way that adds to the “pool of knowledge” of the profession.

The sole purpose of this work is to help alleviate some of the unseen extreme poverty situations in the city of Hong Kong, specifically ‘cage dwelling’ citizens. Most of these people are elderly living on welfare and pay up to $150 a month for two square meters of space, leaving them little to eat on and purchase necessities.My approach to address this is the creation of an assisted living/transitional apartment in the center of the Sham Shui Po District. The project site is an old H-shaped resettlement block on the corner of Berwick and Pak Tin Street that will be remodeled and added on to in order to accomodate for the necessary programmatic requirements of my proposed facility type. The first floor will include an open public courtyard with retail tenant space, an atrium, and a job and support service center that will be open to the residents and the community. The rest of the floors will contain apartment units, gathering spaces, a nurse/caregiver station with patient examination rooms, a wellness center, a community kitchen, and a community library and computer room.The facility will house the younger residents in a transient manner, offering them job and money management services for up to about a year before they leave the facility. The elderly residents will have a more permanent housing situation where they will receive medical services and daily living care while they reside at the facility for as long as they may live. In addition to this the “Sanctuary of Hope” will consist of aging-in-place and economical/sustainable design where the assisted living units are designed to adapt with their resident as they get older and more frail as well as the use of inexpensive, sustainable raw materials in innovative ways.

Kyle M. Ward – SCAD BFA Candidate

ASID student, GAIDP student

P: 423.903.2373

E: kyward20@student.scad.edu


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